Aren’t those little people above colorful and fun? Well, we must keep their attention but keep it simple! Content Strategy in web design focuses on the user, your clients, your peeps.  While we all want to uncover and display the beauty in what we do, we must remember that user needs are key, 100% of our focus in web design should be on the user.

Try offering a free service or product for friends and clients to test your website.  Are they able to find important information? Are the navigation links clear? Can they find and buy the product that was featured on your home page?  Titles and labels are important in shopping carts and on photos – users may LOVE the product or design you featured on a slideshow, but will they know how to find “that one?”

Buttons are awesome!! Who doesn’t like to just click a button and get taken to the exact place you need to be in?  Does your website have buttons? Think about button placement and the ease of finding information.  To sum up content strategy -consider USER EXPERIENCE.